Monday, June 24, 2013

Hiva O'a

We went hiking in a car up a mountain in Hiva O'a. In this picture is:
Me sitting with the blue t-shirt.
To the very left is Scott.
To the very right is Britton.
And in the middle is James.
It was very high, so high that I got a headache from not having that much air to breathe.

This picture is also from Hiva O'a. In this one is a foal and it's mom, there where wild horses up on the mountain. They were in a herd, the guys in the picture above were in the back of the truck so the horses suronded them and drooled on them for one thing. Water.

This is a valley in Hiva O'a. It was very deep, Dad was teriffied because the road was really small and we were on the edge.