Monday, December 2, 2013

(New Zealand) Kauri Trees

When I was in New Zealand my mom made me do a report on Kauri trees. So, I did and I think it came out pretty well. I also went to see the largest kauri tree in New Zealand. Here is the report I wrote.
Paragraph on Kauri Trees
Kauri trees are New Zealand's largest trees. When cut open you can see rich looking wood. The ancestors of the first kauri appeared 190-135 million years ago. The largest tree that is still alive is named "Tane Mahuta". The oldest tree alive in New Zealand is named "Te Matua Ngahere", estimated to be 2,000 years old. Wood from the Kauri tree is one of the best in the world because it is used from many purposes. For example:  Ships, houses, and furniture. Scientist found some trees that were up to 50,000 years old buried deep in the ground. Also, in a museum they have a Australian Kauri tree that is 30,000 million years old. Kauri gum is what comes out of the tree as a liquid when cut to protect itself from diseases or other things that could damage the tree. When healed the gum would harden and fall off. After thousands of years the gum turns in to what we know as amber . Many gum diggers look for it in the ground. Even before the European got to New Zealand, the Mari, New Zealand people, used it for cooking, lighting fires, and even as chewing gum. Kauri have been around since historical times and are interesting trees.
If you have any question just ask on my blog and I will find the answers.     
 This is Mom and me in front of a large Kauri tree trunk.
These are the four sisters. They some how came together and are now one tree in fours.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

(New Zealand) Zoo and Narnia

I went to the New Zealand Zoo and here is some emu that we meet along the way.
 This is me and Elvis. Next to Elvis is his girlfriend Priscilla.
 This is Elvis and Priscilla.
 This is my mom and Priscilla.
This is Elvis in a close up.
Here is another movie related subject.
 Here is another movie related scene. Guess what scene it is.... Its Narnia.
Here is me jumping on Phillip, Edmond's horse. Pretty cool, right?
Even if its side ways, this is the cave that the four came out of in Prince Caspian.

(New Zealand) Hobbiton

I am very sorry that I didn't write in a very long time so now I have so much to tell you.
First lets start at the famous and great Hobbiton!!!! Yeah, that's right. The one and only filmed in New Zealand "Lord of the Rings" and " The Hobbit" is right here in these pictures.   
 First off, I have here is me standing in front of a hobbit house. They are a lot smaller then they look.
Next, is the street that Gandalf and Frodo rode down in the start of Lord of the Rings.

 But it gets better, right here is the one and only tree that sits on top of Bilbo Baggins's house.
Here's a secret.....Its fake!
 This is me in front of Baggins house.
This is a better view of the house and the steps.

 Here, is me and my dad sitting in side of a hobbit house.
 This is the party tree and the tents that were used in the birthday part of Lord of the Rings.
Here is Samwise Gamgees's house.
 Last but not least, is the great Green Dragon!!!!
Another secret. The Green Dragon is a real building. I am sitting in a seat with a ginger ale. That I do not like.