Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Funny story time (have to read!)

Funny story time! I was thinking that if you follow me on my site, we can have funny story time where I tell you a hilarious story of something that happened on the boat. This story is called:

The Solar Eclipse

It was in the Tuomotus and yes, I know I’m way behind on my site because someone (ahem) Dad dropped the camera in the water and now it’s not working. But also that the places I’m going are, well, internet-free. But anyway, I was drying laundry because it needed to hung. The windows on the boat come with a screen, so you can get air but keep bugs out. We have a huge ceiling window (in sailor terms is called a hatch) in the bathroom on the back of the boat and I was on the back siting almost on the window. I scooted back, forgetting that the hatch with a screen cannot hold a person’s weight at all. My parents were in the bathroom talking about something, I don’t know….. cheese? Then my rear end comes crashing into the window caving in and my parents freaked. I was laughing, saying that was awesome, but mom was angry because she almost had a heart attack. Dad came to me and said, “That was an eclipse.” I asked why and he said “Because your moon was blocking the sun.” I got a laugh out of it, but knew I almost got my neck broken…..

It was greatJ 

Parent’s comments:

“We weren’t both in the bathroom. I was in the bathroom doing laundry and your father was in the kitchen” (Which was right next to the bathroom.)- Mom

“And all of a sudden it got dark.”- Dad

Nuku Hiva


















This is me at the shore of Nuku Hiva. The shore was more like a wall, so when the waves got big they would explode upward. Dad and I made it a contest of which wave exploded the largest. This wave was a big one.

This is our tour guide named Mahina who led us around the island and gave us lots of fruit.
This is Mahina at a water spring that came out of the ground and you can drink it. It tasted like bubbly water.
This was a picture of the moon that Dad took. I think it looked pretty.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


If you look closely you will see dots in the water. The biggest on the bottom is dad's head, the dots on the top are dolphins. There were a lot of jelly fish so I didn't go in. This was in the morning, but you definitely do not want go swimming in the afternoon at all. Why? One word- Sharks!

This is me at the bow watching the sun set in the sky on our night passage. It was very bumpy so the picture is blurry.

Fatu Hiva

The lady sitting next to me is named Desiree. The two sitting across from me are a couple that sailed the world for ten years and this is their second time going around. Their names are Bruce and Cheryl and they came from Australia.  The lunch was delicious and there were even french fries! Desiree is a great cook. Her husband, Jacques carves wood to make tikis and other amazing things. They have two sons, one named Jean-Pascal and I forgot the other one. They owned a big space of land and had lots of puppies! 
This is a church in the town.
This is a picture is of jagged rocks that stuck out of the bay. It was cool looking, my favorite parts of the jagged rocks were that wild goats loved climbing them. 
This is a picture of me standing in the road that leads to the bay.