Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fatu Hiva

The lady sitting next to me is named Desiree. The two sitting across from me are a couple that sailed the world for ten years and this is their second time going around. Their names are Bruce and Cheryl and they came from Australia.  The lunch was delicious and there were even french fries! Desiree is a great cook. Her husband, Jacques carves wood to make tikis and other amazing things. They have two sons, one named Jean-Pascal and I forgot the other one. They owned a big space of land and had lots of puppies! 
This is a church in the town.
This is a picture is of jagged rocks that stuck out of the bay. It was cool looking, my favorite parts of the jagged rocks were that wild goats loved climbing them. 
This is a picture of me standing in the road that leads to the bay.


  1. Hi Hannah. Your blog is great. I'll be watching what you post. So hi to your Mom and Dad from me.


    1. I will and thanks for the comment. Not that many at this time.