Saturday, January 11, 2014

Funny story time: The fall of a life time

How many of you have fallen off a horse?
Well, my mom fell off a horse when we were riding on the beach. Her horse was startled by some thing and began to bolt. She fell off and was hung by her foot which was caught in the stirrup for a couple of seconds. I didn't see exactly what happened because I was galloping in front of her but when I looked behind I almost had a heart attack. I mean these horses were part Clydesdales. I  started to gallop back to her to see how she was, but then I started to shift sideways. I realized what was happening and did an emergency dismount and by the time I got to mom my saddle was hanging on the horse's belly. Mom's shoe was lost because the horse ran off. When it returned to join the herd her shoe was gone. She got new running shoes which I didn't think were her type because when she lifted up her feet to show the bottom, dad and I almost went blind. They were bright neon pink and  green.  I thought I would never see again!

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