Sunday, February 2, 2014

Horse camp


I went to this awesome horse camp for a week and I enjoyed it. The only thing that I had a problem with was well, everyone had a problem with, but it was the food. I didn't know if they were trying to kill us on purpose or not. We had to train for eight hours a day and the first thing in the morning they gave us toast. Ok, yeah that sounds fine, right? Well, for lunch, after we had four hours of hard training, they give us small portions of spaghetti on toast. I was kinda annoyed, but I thought that small breakfast and lunch with a filling dinner, was what they were planning.

So, I cooled off, but after another four hours of hard training we went in to dinner and guess. what. we. got. Yes, you guessed right.... toast wrapped around sausages. That pushed me off the edge. One of my classmates saw how annoyed I was and came up to me. She said " But at least we get ketchup," holding up the red bottle. Good grief, we really did sound as if we were in boot camp. I didn't know how long the girl was there, but I guess for a while because she was as thin as paper.

 The only thing that kept us alive was the magical, wonderful, life saving..... candy store. I praised mom for giving me a lot of money because I bought a lot so did the other girls, but we lived. That was the only downer.

Now to the awesome part, we did treks and jumping with other cool stuff, too. I had a black horse named Jazz. She was "face shy". ( "Face shy" means that, a horse does not like to be touched on the face or have something fast move around their face.) She was very obedient and nice. Most of the time. I think I spoiled her but, who cares, I had a blast.

I did fall off Jazz two times. The first time I fell off when we where in a canter. ( Cantering is the closest speed to galloping or right under it.) The second was when I went over a jump. Both hurt a lot, but I sucked it up and kept going and after a while the pain disappeared. After the week, I sadly said goodbye to my two friends with awesome names. Their names where Roshni and Lilith. The best horseback friends ever.

After I got home I swear I lost a pound or two and I was craving meat. So, I was more like a real life Gollum, I guess.
This is Jazz and me.

This is the full body of Jazz, she is one of the biggest on the farm.
Me, after horse camp.


  1. The toast thing is pretty funny. At least you are getting trained for the modern Army. I, of course, feel that the ketchup made the toast into a gourmet food!

  2. Aunt Marsha will be very proud of your horsewomanship when you come in July. I can't wait to see you ride on the farm. I am sorry you fell off Jazz a couple of times, but I admire the way you got up and kept on going. We look forward to seeing you this summer. Much love, Bubie

    1. It didn't hurt that much but the pain in my bunz were incredible, some days I couldn't even get up and off my bed. I can't wait to show Aunt Marsha what I learned.