Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Waitangi day

Today is a very special day for New Zealand. Its the day of when the British and the Maori had peace with each other. So its sorta like the 4th of July, but they just decided to have peace between one another.

The date is February, 6, 1840 when they signed the treaty of peace.
This is a picture of one of the 40 Maori chiefs that came to the ceremony, signing the treaty.

The person who wanted to have a peace treaty was the governor William Hobson. But the person that made it happen was Resident James Busby, he called the 40 chiefs over and the treaty was signed by all of them.
This is William Hobson's house where the treaty was signed.
I was there and there is a gigantic field in the front of the house.
They wanted the rest of New Zealand's chiefs to sign the treaty too, so they made nine copies of the treaty and sent them all over New Zealand. After, all 500 chiefs signed the treaty.
This is one of the nine treaties that were made.
The Maori came up with the flag of New Zealand and a symbol too.
Here is the symbol of New Zealand.

Here is New Zealand's flag. It has the British flag in the corner.
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