Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Zealand birds

I went to a bird conservatory and I saw a lot of different species of birds. Here are some of the birds that I saw there. I have seen a lot of birds in New Zealand.

This bird is called a Kea. When I was there, they had a kea that was very funny. It came out of its little hut and started to crawl ( literally) to us and looked straight at us through the glass. It was kinda creepy and weird, but I was fine with it. They are endangered animals because they are hard to breed and there are few females in the population.

This bird is called a Paradise Duck. Its not endangered, but its really interesting to me. This duck was at a pond were they give people free duck food to feed the ducks. They were bigger than the normal ducks in the pond and the males were quite aggressive.

A lot of you may know about this bird. It's the Kiwi. It is more endangered than any of the other bird species of New Zealand. It's just too delicious to animals and very vulnerable. It only comes out at night. I saw a wild one; one that wasn't in a zoo. It was so cool!!

I thought that leaving something funny might make my blog not so boring.
Here are some funny bird pictures.

Maybe I put too many! Oops, I got carried away.

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