Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sea Cucumbers

I met a Marine Biologist named Susan Scott. She writes a column in the Star Advertiser, a newspaper on Oahu. Her next article is going to be about sea cucumbers, a very fascinating creature. I learned a little about sea cucumbers and here is some information on them.

Sea cucumbers look like blobs on the sea floor when they are actually the vacuum. They eat everything on the sea floor, picking up droppings or dead fish. With this they process more than 300 pounds of sediment a year! They are related to the Starfish and the Sea Urchin. There are many different types of Sea Cucumbers. Some spit up their guts when threatened which is very deadly and toxic to fish and other animals that live in the sea. If a fish got caught in the deadly strings of guts that are very sticky, the fish would not be able to move and then slowly dies while the Sea Cucumber slides to safety.

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