Thursday, August 15, 2013

Green Sea Turtles

On Moorea, I went to a Turtle Rehabilitation Center, where they take care of sick or injured turtles. They were all Green Turtles and they are indigenous to Tahiti. Some had eating problems and some had floatation problems. There were not that many turtles, but there were two babies which made me sad.

Here is some in information on them. When they are young they eat worms, crustacean, aquatic insect, grasses, and algae. When they grow older their jaws become serrated which help them eat algae and other food off rocks. They stay near beaches or on reefs and are rarely are out in the ocean. They are endangered because people kill them for their shells and to eat them. Also people throw plastic into the ocean and a turtle could mistake a plastic bag for a jellyfish. If a turtle ate the plastic bag they could choke and die.


  1. I am happy to see that my comments are now posted. I love your pictures. Keep posting them.