Monday, August 5, 2013


This is my hand with a hermit crab. They were everywhere!!!!

These are clams. They have very bright colors and are beutiful!

                                         This is me in a river on a  uninhabited island.
This is a crab that we saw all over the island in holes.
There was a table on the island that was covered with names of other boats that visited the island before. Here is our name under a boat that we are friends with.

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  1. I like the hermit crabs. Proves that all over the world there are Beings just like me. Also, I am fortunate that my wife allows me to be a hermit even though we live together! We were at Kailua beach last week and there were little white crabs everywhere; the dog went wild and hid.

    Looks like you are having a good time. Can you post more pictures of your mom and dad? I don't remember what they look like.

    Have you seen the Tangaroa? It is a raft that a fellow sailed from central America to Polynesia replicating the Kon Tiki voyage. Supposedly it is preserved on Fakarava.

    I wish you well - - -