Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Funny story time (Bathrooms and boys)

      I am now back in Tahiti and boy, is it hot! It was at night and since we were in the marina we had to use the bathrooms in the marina that are only for boaters. You needed a key to get in that only the people in the marina can get. Some of the boaters are locals who only live on boats and some were families. So, I needed to take a shower and I walked up to the bathroom door. Well, the light in the bathroom was on and last time Mom went in a local lady was in the bathroom, weirdly just sitting on the sink counter. So, when I saw that the light was on I thought it was the lady, although it scared me a little at the thought of having a person in the bathroom just listening to me shower. But, I sucked it up and walked in to find something much worse.

     A teenage boy around my age was just sitting on the sink counter. I stared at him, just processing the situation. He said something to me in French, but he didn't sound threatening and I slowly closed the door. I looked up to see that it was, in fact, the ladies. So, why was there a boy? I turned around and began to speed walk back to the boat. Still confused, I bumped in to Mom, who asked me why I wasn't in the shower. After I told her the situation and pleaded that I should have a shower tomorrow, Mom and I marched into the bathroom, but the boy was gone.
     I was relieved that he was gone, but still wondered why he was there. I still didn't want a shower because I was afraid that he would be back, so we walked out the door. While we were walking I saw him again, but he had friends with him. Then it hit me; a dare. Maybe the other boys dared him to go in and wait for a woman or girl to show up and then run for it. I was still a little shocked but the next day I had a shower and I never saw the boy again.

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  1. OH Hannah, that reminds me of us!! With Harry and Oscar! Man, that was fun, we should've dared one of them to go in there! I miss you and your treats!