Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thermal pools

 This is me with my cousins, Camryn (left) and Maya (right).
 The thermal pools were so hot and with all the minerals in the water, it changed into this color.
 I still wonder about this, it is also a thermal pool, but it is neon green.
 I remember that this thermal pool was called Painter's Pallet because there were different minerals in the water that made it different colors in specific areas in the giant pool, as you can see in the picture. 
 On one side its clear, but on this side it was steaming. It smelled, horribly, like rotten eggs.
I forgot were this was in the thermal pools, but it looks cool with the greenish color circle that is in the middle.
These are the Thermal pools on New Zealand. They are in different areas, but mostly on the North Island. They smell horrible because of the sulfur, but are said to be good on the skin with all the different minerals. In some towns with thermal pools, they make them in to pools for tourist to relax in. I didn't want to go because I thought that I would smell like rotten eggs when I got out. I could have washed the smell off, but my hair can hold a smell for the longest of times, so I had no interest in going. Back in the 1700, people from all over the world came to see these special springs to bathe. Most of them were soldiers from New Zealand or allies that were based there. Even before England took over, the Maori bathed in the springs in tiny villages. I went to one of the villages and saw all of the homes and springs. They told us that some of the houses were abandoned  because of springs coming from underneath the houses. This is dangerous for the people because if you are too close for a long time it can kill you. They even cook their corn and other foods in the springs. Their corn is the best I have ever had in forever.

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